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4/25 Update Announcement


Dear Players,

To ensure all players can have a great gaming experience, we will be performing a zero-downtime maintenance between 14:00-14:30 (GMT+8) on 4/25. 

Details of this update are as follows:

【Eggyverse & Workshop Updates】
I. Master Mode is officially here!
Master Mode is available when creating new maps. You can use advanced functions such as 泥潭用户 Code, Prefab Editing, and Rule Settings to edit your maps!
1. 泥潭用户 Code: Access 泥潭用户 Code under More to create logic rules for an entire stage. Alternatively, in Prefab Editing, select a unit and tap Edit 泥潭用户 Code to add logic. The gameplay possibilities are endless!
2. Prefab Editing: Access Prefab Editing from the More menu, or select a unit from the unit list and simply tap Edit Prefab in the Advanced Settings to make adjustments. Any modifications made to the unit's prefab will automatically sync with the unit list, ensuring that newly created units adhere to the edited prefab as the standard.
3. Open Rule Settings in the Settings menu, enabling you to tailor rich mode rules for victory and defeat conditions, timing, points, and more! You decide—your map, your rules, for greater experience!

II. UI Editor Updates
1. The editing interface now includes a rotation property, allowing you to rotate widgets!
2. Introducing the "Multi-Canvas" feature: Now, you can create multiple canvases directly from the layer panel. This enables clearer organization and boosts creativity by allowing different functions to be placed on separate canvases.
3. Added some building blocks to control button widgets in 泥潭用户 Code.
4. Text widgets now offer typing effects, simulating a typewriter to display characters one by one.
5. Added a switch for sending events only to the interface. Enable this to help optimize performance.
6. Introducing the Relative Binding Position property, which solves the problem of widget position offset on different device resolutions. See the Tips section for more details on how to use it!

III. Workshop Updates
1. The Creature Customization feature is officially here! Now, Craftsmen have the power to customize 泥潭用户们' and creatures' various body parts, bringing more spirited and creative visions to life!
2. An aerial and an underwater vehicle system has been added to the Workshop. Craftsmen can easily create exclusive aerial and underwater vehicles now! Vehicle units now feature sound effects, and driving modes have been optimized with the addition of the Player Preference Settings mode.
3. The "Omni-Generator" is now available in the Eggyverse Workshop! Whether you're a seasoned Craftsman or a beginner, just input keywords, and let the Omni-Generator make units using AI technology. With this tool, even novices can create impressive structures effortlessly!
4. Published maps now support online updates within 7 days! Simply make modifications in the associated map draft, then update and publish. Updated maps' Games Played and Likes will be preserved.
5. New Feature: Scene Management! Simply tap More to access Scene Management, allowing you to quickly locate, position, and hide specific units! Additionally, enjoy functions such as Sort According to Demand and Expand to Same Prefab!
6. A large batch of templates, units, appearances, and decorator special effects have been added.
7. Fans, rings, and wedges now feature customizable model parameters! Get ready to create a wider variety of geometric shapes.
8. Affected by External Forces is now available in the Workshop. Once Collision Physics is enabled, you can view the external force property along with options like liftability, custom throw force, and custom throw angle.
9. Score Properties is now available in the Workshop, with the addition of the Score Zone unit. Units can now have Special Properties Attachable adjusted to score types, allowing units to add scores to specific objects or factions.
10. The Workshop now features a camera parameter template, allowing Craftsmen to swiftly check various viewing angles.
11. Additional parameters have been added to sky lighting settings: ambient light color, sky reflection, bloom exposure coefficient, bloom range, bloom intensity, and bloom diffusion.
12. Multi-selection now includes unit display lists, allowing craftsmen to more intuitively view and remove selected units.

【Game Mode Updates】
I. Eggyverse Club Update
1. Batter Up! has been updated!
Update Time: 30 April, 2024, 00:00
Batter Up! is getting new maps and modes! And what better way to try 'em out than with three new skills: Halt, Thunder Cloud, and Shock Pillar! Plus, after each round, you'll be able to customize your Growth Talents for an even richer experience! Fight across three brand-new maps and showcase your bravery in diverse environments!
2. New maps: Cyberspace, Verdant Garden, Frozen Fortress.

II. Hide and Seek Update
1. Optimized matching and in-game experience.
2. Addressed some minor, rare glitches.

III. Handling Optimization
Slightly decreased the frequency of landing in a prone position after a fall, and reduced the time it takes to get back up by 30%.
Grabbing and lifting other players or objects will no longer slow you down. Now you can more easily lend your fellow 泥潭用户们 a hand!

【Event Updates】
I. Flower Encounter Event Starts
Event Time: Available after 26 Apr, 00:00
Event Scope: All players on the server
Participate in the Flower Encounter event for a chance to win rich rewards such as supreme outfit White Rose Queen, epic outfit Rabbit-in-a-Hat, Blue Cherry Alice, and rare outfit Clover Soldier! Spend 10 泥潭用户 Coins to get the Flower Encounter 1x Draw Voucher Pack for a chance to receive 1-3 Flower Encounter 1x Draw Vouchers. Note: This pack is limited to one purchase per player! In addition, participating in the event will grant you a Choice Outfit Trial Card (1 day)! Don't miss out!
Please note: The Auspicious Beasts event is about to end. Lucky Fragments will be retained for the next prize pool. Be sure to plan your draws in time so you don't miss out!

II. Charming Twirl Event Starts
Event Time: 26 Apr, 00:00 - 10 May, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Dazzling stage, stunning twirl! Log in for three days to receive the Charming Twirl. Equip this action and join your dance partners for a magnificent opening performance!

III. Labor's Glory Event Starts
Event Time: 30 Apr, 0:00 - 16 May, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Labor is most glorious! Complete goals during the event to obtain Ore. Go to the Exchange Store and redeem rich rewards such as the Miner Outfit with Ore!

IV. Spring Pass Event Starts
Event Time: 30 Apr 00:00 - 23 May 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: During the event period, log in for 7 days to get generous rewards such as Ranked Party Protection Card, Ranked Party Benefit Card, Sky Blue Accordion, and more. Unlock the advanced Spring Pass to obtain advanced rewards such as Shiny Coins and Nightsong Accordion!

V. Twinkly Butterfly Event Starts
Event Time: Available after 30 Apr, 00:00
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Guaranteed to receive the limited edition back accessory "Twinkly Butterfly" within a maximum of 9 draws! Each piece of glitter has been meticulously calculated and embedded into the wings. Come add some twinkles and sparkles to 泥潭用户 Island!
Please note: The Ballad of Nature prize pool is about to end. Be sure to plan your draws in time so you don't miss out!

VI. Bottle Cap Mystery Box Updates
Event Time: Available after 26 Apr, 00:00
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: A new season of Bottle Cap Mystery Box outfits is here! Do you want to don the Terry the Chimp outfit and embark on an adventure, or become a pilot soaring through the sky above 泥潭用户 Island? Hurry and log in to the game, where more exquisite outfits await you to collect! Don't miss out!

VII. 泥潭用户 Training Ground Event Starts
Event Time: 26 Apr, 00:00 - 10 May, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Get ready for the upcoming Eggyverse Special Training! Specialized 泥潭用户们, hop into the Eggyverse to pump up your parkour skills!

VIII. Yoyo Membership Updates
1. After maintenance, the Yoyo Membership interface will be optimized.
2. Players who purchase Yoyo Membership after maintenance won't miss out on daily rewards anymore. The membership now stores rewards for up to 7 days, allowing players to claim all 7 days' worth of rewards at once upon logging in, even after being offline for 7 days.

IX. Rainbow 泥潭用户 Fest Creation Contest Winner Announcement
Event Time: 25 Apr, 18:00 - 30 Apr, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: The winners of the Rainbow 泥潭用户 Fest Creation Contest have been announced! Come and check if your map has made the cut! Don't forget to try out the award-winning maps as well!

【Other Important Updates】
The parkour map "Jump Into the Game" created by the player "LGD 乖寶寶" has now been added to Casual Party. Go give it a try!

【Adjustments & Optimizations】
Ranked Party Protection Card Optimization:
Players who have reached the Phoenix 泥潭用户 rank and above can now manually choose whether to utilize the Ranked Party Protection Cards when the deduction points in the party are less than 5 points.


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